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At PD Cargo, CA we aim to achieve a worry free export/import procedure. In the past decade we have become a major supplier of quality food products to both the private and public sector. 

We strive to deliver an unparalleled level of service to our clients. After years of working in demanding and changing markets, today we have the track record and experience to continually catalyze positive growth for our clients. 

To achieve sustained growth for our clients we are selective with whom we partner. Food is our passion, and we ensure our providers consistently deliver quality products at competitive prices.

Through our work we have become  the exclusive, national representatives for some of the world’s leading international suppliers and foremost producers of beef, pork, chicken, cheese, packaged food and bulk commodities.

We offer counseling, representation, purchase service and operational logistics to achieve a worry free export/import procedure. We know how it is. 

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